Room Additions

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Room Additions

Room Additions  | Scott James Construction - Riverside, CA

All of our customers receive the benefit of everything we have learned in our 28 years of experience in room additions. We have done it all, from transforming old, dingy basements into beautiful recreation rooms, to building fabulous brand new top floors of existing homes. Room additions are our specialty and our attention to detail ensures a beautiful new room for your home. We want to create for you a space you can live, work, or play in for as long as your home is standing.

Here are some of the custom room additions we can build for your Riverside, CA home:

Room Extensions - You make think that expanding a room in your home is as simple as knocking down a wall. This is not the case, as room extensions require the same level of attention and custom work as an entirely new room build. Plus with Scott James Construction, we can do so much more for your room extension, making it a beautiful expression of your character.

Attic Conversion - We have everything you need to turn your attic into an awesome living space. We have a professional crew of carpenters, contractors and master electricians to convert your attic into livable and comfortable room, while building everything to code and regulation.

Sunrooms - Sunrooms are a great alternative to patios. Essentially, a sunroom is an enclosed patio that offers protection from the elements while letting you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Sunrooms can also cut down on your monthly electricity bill as well as provide a unique and gorgeous addition to your home.

There is no kind of room we can’t build for you. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our license number is 494955 and you can rest easy knowing that when you hire Scott James Construction, you are hiring a reliable construction company that has withstood the test of time. Ask about our room additions today!

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